About us

about usHere at claimfreebets.co.uk we have a number of contributors what make the site what it is. Between us we like to think that we spot every deal worth grabbing within the betting industry. We all have different interests which means we are always looking at different markets to find our value. Here we share all so that you have one place to go to claim the free bets most suited to your betting preference.

One thing we all share is a big passion for football. This is where most of our tips will be focussed, but our Free bets will be spread across all sports. We will also share free bets for new customers, along with all the best deals that are applicable to existing customers. That’s a bit about the site and why we decided on creating it. Now here’s a small bit about each one of us.

Boxinho – No I’m not Brazilian, nor do I play football like one. However as a Liverpool fan I enjoy watching great football. I love watching most sports and like to have a cheeky accumulator on the go.

Stuart – They are my fat fingers that are used for the fat finger ratings.

Simon – I’m the techy geek behind the site, if there’s a bet you need explaining I’m your man! When I’m not working on claimfreebets.co.uk I’m usually watching football, I will watch any match that’s on. I’m an avid Manchester United supporter and go quite regularly (despite the stereotype). A side from that I’m a general sports fan and I’ll bet on just about anything (apart from poker as I’m crap at it!)

Nev – A fan of all sports and will put an eye to anything where there is an element of competition. I like to accompany my spectatorship of sports events with a little flutter to make the game more exciting. I don’t gamble more than I can afford but I am prone to making high risk bets that offer great odds back. I may not win as often as some, but when I do it sure makes up for the times I don’t.

One thing I am renowned for is spotting a bargain. I am always on the lookout for the next best deal and am constantly in touch with the right people to find out what deals are due to be slapped on the table next, so to speak. This info, in turn, gets delivered straight to you. But only if you want it. Keep visitng the site and follow our social feeds for all the free bets currently available across all bookmakers.