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You are no doubt familiar with Tombola from their advertising campaign – usually during daytime TV. You know the ones, normal people having a barbecue on the beach and normal people ten pin bowling and generally having a good time. They are Britain’s biggest bingo site (according to BingoPort they have more daily online players than anyone else) and have actually been involved in bingo for over 50 years largely in the supply of tickets and newspaper bingo games.

Their online offering is only a few years old but they have a wide variety of games to suit a wide variety of tastes and budgets from 2p per ticket (with a £100 jackpot). Over £5 million is won each week on the site – which gives you an idea of the scale of the operation.

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Offers (How much spending money have i got?)
It’s not just about the offers that appeal on the Tombola Mobile site, there’s a very active social element meaning that there’s a real community feel to things. As an example, the site boasts more than 40 chat rooms. This all ties in with the way the company portrays itself and the advertising campaigns. We really like the ‘Binglish’ to English translator, a sort of jargon buster and abbreviation code cracker for the uninitiated. The site is also very active on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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Clicking onto the promotions page displays the big promotion at the moment which is join with £10 and play with £30 – so £20 pounds free. There are other daily promotions too with enhanced prizes.

Rating out of 10 *********

In play (live action)
Being Britain’s biggest bingo site, you’d expect Tombola Mobile site to have plenty to keep you occupied and you’d be right. There are standard bingo games, with 90, 80, 75 ball offerings and also a 50 ball game. What makes Tombola stand out, however, is their unique games. CINCO – a card game, Bingo Roulette, and many more including Heist which is free – where a code to unlock the vault is sent to your mobile every week with a chance of winning prizes from £5 bonus to £1,000 cash. Tombola design and build all their games in-house, you won’t find them anywhere else. Further good news is the weight that Tombola places on responsible gaming. The Tombola mobile site has many safeguards to stop players getting into difficulty.

Rating out of 10 **********

Ease of Use (Long finger nail rating)
The layout of the Tombola Mobile Site is pretty clear and straightforward. Drop down menus across the top of the screen are self explanatory, for instance click on Bongo Games and you are presented with the Bingo options (who would of thought it!). So each bingo game has an icon to click on and a short description about the game. Scroll further down and there are other games such as roulette and bingo roulette to have a look at. Click on one of the game icons to get a screen shot of the game, a more comprehensive overview and a join now button. Helpfully there are other game icons down the side of the page should you wish to change game. We also like the ‘promotions’ drop down – it’s nice and easy to see whats being offered. All in all we had no problem with the site layout or getting to where we needed to be.

Rating out of 10 *********

Visual Appeal (makeup or make over?)
It’s bright and breezy if a little bit busy, the Tombola Mobile Site. The icons are all colourful and make sense, all the bingo icons are very similar and look like they belong together. There are lots of pictures of people having fun to remind you why you are here. Its not going to win any beauty competitions but it is all very functional. The whole thing has a very down to earth feel, this is a consistent theme across the Tombola Mobile site – don’t expect glitz and glamour. There are plenty of pictures of winners, lots of testimonials and customer service numbers and contact details are prominent.

Rating out of 10 ********

Joining up
So how easy is it to join the Tombola Mobile site? Well, just about every page has a big yellow Join Now button. Click on this and then it is a straightforward 3 step process:

Step 1) Login details – enter and confirm your email address and give yourself a username and password

Step 2) Personal details – name, address, contact details (you can also add a playmate here ad take advantage of the ‘they win you win offer’)

Step 3) Funding the account – card details and/or PayPal details

Easy enough, takes a couple of minutes.

Rating out of 10 **********


The Big Betting Site Verdict (out of 50) 47