How does Price Rush work?

Launched just before the World Cup in 2014 price rush from Betfair means you’ll always get the best odds on your singles. This covers the win-draw-win market and the correct score markets. In the World Cup there’s been some fantastic boosts to give punters even more profit!

Price Rush – free bet offer

If you fancy getting yourself some boosted prices from Betfair but you’re not already a customer, fear not, you’ll get a £50 risk free bet!

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This is a great offer and there’s loads of other reasons to bet with Betfair including cash out and enhanced acca’s.

How Price Rush actually works

If you place a single on the sports market Betfair’s software will automatically check the exchange to see if the odds are better and give you the best of the two prices. This is usual always the exchange odds and the boosts can vary greatly. If you’re betting in play then the difference can be massive, see the example below.

So you may now be wondering why would Betfair bother doing this? Well as they have both a sports book (standard bookie) and an exchange it’s a very good way to be different to other bookies. It stands them apart and takes advantage of their unique position in the market. It is also worth noting on the sports book they have the liability where on the exchange they don’t (they take a 2-5% cut of any profit). So by moving your bet to the exchange they take out any risk for themselves as well as giving you a better return – a clear win-win situation.

price rush from BetfairPrice rush examples

The best one I’ve seen over the World Cup has to be in the Holland v Mexico game. It finished 2-1 but Holland came back to win in the last 10 minutes. As it was close to the end of the game the odds fly up making it a prime market for the price rush offer. The customer in question backed Holland for £15 at advertised odds of 28/1 they then got a rush to 50/1 – meaning a massive £300 extra profit when they came back to this. Price rush from Betfair is a fantastic offer and Betfair are a get place to bet too.