August Sky Bet League 1 Fixtures

All the August Sky Bet League 1 Fixtures, including where to find coverage of the matches that matter.

Saturday 9th August 12.15Sheffield United v Bristol CitySky Sports
Saturday 9th August 15.00Barnsley v Crawley Town
Saturday 9th August 15.00Bradford City v Coventry City
Saturday 9th August 15.00Colchester v Oldham
Saturday 9th August 15.00Fleetwood Town v Crewe
Saturday 9th August 15.00Leyton Orient v Chesterfield
Saturday 9th August 15.00MK Dons v Gillingham
Saturday 9th August 15.00Port Vale v Walsall
Saturday 9th August 15.00Preston v Notts County
Saturday 9th August 15.00Rochdale v Peterborough
Saturday 9th August 15.00Swindon Town v Scunthorpe
Saturday 9th August 15.00Yeovil Town v Doncaster
Saturday 16th August 15.00Bristol City v Colchester
Saturday 16th August 15.00Chesterfield v Rochdale
Saturday 16th August 15.00Coventry City v Sheffield United
Saturday 16th August 15.00Crawley Town v Swindon Town
Saturday 16th August 15.00Crewe v Barnsley
Saturday 16th August 15.00Doncaster v Port Vale
Saturday 16th August 15.00Gillingham v Yeovil Town
Saturday 16th August 15.00Notts County v Fleetwood Town
Saturday 16th August 15.00Oldham v Leyton Orient
Saturday 16th August 15.00Peterbrorough v MK Dons
Saturday 16th August 15.00Scunthorpe v Preston
Saturday 16th August 15.00Walsall v Bradford City
Tuesday 19th August 19.30Peterborough v Sheffield United
Tuesday 19th August 19.45Bristol City v Leyton Orient
Tuesday 19th August 19.45Chestefield v MK Dons
Tuesday 19th August 19.45Coventry City v Barnsley
Tuesday 19th August 19.45Crawley Town v Bradford City
Tuesday 19th August 19.45Crewe v Rochdale
Tuesday 19th August 19.45Doncaster v Preston
Tuesday 19th August 19.45Gillingham v Swindon Town
Tuesday 19th August 19.45Notts County v Colchester
Tuesday 19th August 19.45Oldham v Port Vale
Tuesday 19th August 19.45Scunthorpe v Fleetwood Town
Tuesday 19th August 19.45Walsall v Yeovil Town
Saturday 23rd August 15.00Barnsley v Gillingham
Saturday 23rd August 15.00Bradford City v Peterborough
Saturday 23rd August 15.00Colchester v Doncaster
Saturday 23rd August 15.00Fleetwood Town v Chesterfield
Saturday 23rd August 15.00Leyton Orient v Walsall
Saturday 23rd August 15.00MK Dons v Coventry City
Saturday 23rd August 15.00Port Vale v Notts County
Saturday 23rd August 15.00Preston v Oldham
Saturday 23rd August 15.00Rochdale v Bristol City
Saturday 23rd August 15.00Sheffield United v Crawley Town
Saturday 23rd August 15.00Swindon Town v Crewe
Saturday 23rd August 15.00Yeovil Town v Scunthorpe
Saturday 30th August 15.00Colchester v Peterborough
Saturday 30th August 15.00Doncaster v Oldham
Saturday 30th August 15.00Fleetwood Town v Leyton Orient
Saturday 30th August 15.00Gillingham v Crewe
Saturday 30th August 15.00MK Dons v Crawley Town
Saturday 30th August 15.00Port Vale v Chesterfield
Saturday 30th August 15.00Preston v Sheffield United
Saturday 30th August 15.00Rochdale v Bradford City
Saturday 30th August 15.00Scunthorpe v Walsall
Saturday 30th August 15.00Swindon Town v Coventry City
Saturday 30th August 15.00Yeovil Town v Barnsley
Sunday 31st August 15.00Notts County v Bristol City