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Sky Vegas has been around in various guises for longer than you’d think. It is part of the Sky group which as well as the satellite and cable TV channels includes Sky Bet and Sky Poker. It had its origins in Sky Bet and was originally known as Sky Bet Vegas. As you’d expect from such a large company, the Sky Vegas Mobile Casino site is a huge operation and pay outs are often in excess of £35 million to give you an idea of the scale.

Those of you familiar with Sky and Sky Bet will feel right at home here, the website is definitely part of the same family. The site is absolutely loaded with games to suit all tastes and pockets.

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Offers (What’s in it for me?)
This is the good bit – Sky Vegas Mobile Casino are generous with their Welcome Bonus.

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How does £10 completely free sound? Not bad? How about a whopping £1000 deposit bonus? We like the sound of that too. There are terms and conditions and certain games do contribute more to your bonus.

There are loads more promotions to get you in the mood to win big money. £5000 weekly jackpots would be a nice earner and you can get £5 free every week with the Sky bet club which Sky Vegas mobile casino is a part of.

Like many sites, offers and promotions do change regularly, so its in your best interests to keep an eye out on what their latest promotions are. After all you want the best chance to win real cash!

Rating out of 10 **********

In play (live action)

Loads of games to keep you entertained, over 250 of them. What we really like here are that there are plenty of low stakes games here. Low stakes roulette gives you a full on Monte Carlo experience on your phone or tablet without breaking the bank. The minimum stake is just 1p. We also like the how to play instructions which are concise and clear; even newcomers to the game can get involved straight away. There are in fact over a dozen different roulette options including higher stakes games.

As you would expect Sky Vegas Mobile Casino has a variety of card games to play. Again there are low stakes options – low stakes blackjack for instance. There are other blackjack options too as well as pontoon.

The games keep coming. There’s a Live Casino with live baccarat, live Texas Hold’em, live blackjack and live roulette. There’s any number of slot machines, if that’s more your thing. And under the Table Game heading are further card and dice games. And for something slightly different, have a look at the instant win games.

There really is a great variety of games and Sky Vegas Mobile Casino caters for all levels of player, and all size of pocket.

Rating out of 10 **********

Ease of Use (Fat finger rating)

Excellent. The site is easy to use on a smart phone. There are big icons and everything is crystal clear on a white background. You’d have to be really trying to click on the wrong thing to make a mistake. Everything scrolls neatly from right to left and back again. It’s silky smooth. And if you are just having a browse there are ‘real play’ and ‘free play’ options when you click on a game. Promotions are clearly visible and join and login option are right where you would expect them at the top of the screen.

Rating out of 10 *********

Visual Appeal (a bit of a looker?)
Sky Vegas Mobile Casino is clearly part of the Sky stable and is none the worse of for that. The maroon background is easy on the eye, and the business part of the screen has a white background making things even more clear. Menus are clear and sharp and games come with attractive and appealing icons. Its the sort of plce where you’d be quite happy to spend plenty of time, its not too shouty and there’s a lot going on without it being overly busy.

Rating out of 10 *********

Joining up
The register icon is right at the top of the page. Click here and the process is a 3 step process as follows:

1) Date of Birth, Personal Details and Contact Details

2) Set up account details – user name and pin number with security questions and an oopportunity to enter promo codes

3) Set up deposit limits and enter card details

All standard, strightforward and easy enough

Rating out of 10 **********

The Big Betting Site Verdict (out of 50) 48