Postponed Football Matches – Betting Rules

It doesn’t happen that often really. Maybe the odd lower league club without under soil heating, crowd trouble or flood light failure may lead to a football match being postponed. One of the oddest football match postponements had to be in 1999 when Torquay United v Portsmouth was called off due to a total eclipse of the sun – bizarre!

There are rules around this infrequent occurrence and you should be aware of them especially if you’ve wagered on the game in question.

Called off games – betting rules

called off football matches betting rulesSo what are the postponed football match betting rules for UK competitions and games shown live on television. Rules can vary from bookie to bookie so check the terms and conditions of your chosen bookmaker. If the Game does not kick off within 24 hours of the original kick off time then bets for this will be void. However some bookies increase this to 48 hours.

There are even circumstances where for midweek matches that are postponed, the bet will be void unless the game is re played before the following Saturday. Additionally with some bookies, all bets will be void if the game is delayed and the new kick off time has not been confirmed within 3 hours of the original kick off time. This usually means if you’ve backed an acca the best still stands just with the remaining legs running.

We have seen this happen in international football when Ukraine played France in Euro 2012, when the game was delayed due to adverse weather. If the game in question is part of a multiple bet or accumulator the customer should request a refund before the kick off time of the first game in that selection. Also with an accumulator bet, if a postponed football match is part of an accumulator, the game becomes void and then the bet placed becomes the next bet down. For example a treble will then be a double.

postponed matches - football betting

The postponed football match betting rules also include abandoned matches. Again this isn’t a common occurrence however be aware of these should you come across one. If a game has been abandoned but a customer has placed bets on half time score or first team to score then these will stand. All other bets made on the game will be void. This is regardless of the score at the time the game has been abandoned.

Customers should note that games where a referee stops play and takes players off the field of play for a short time and then continues with the game on the same calendar date will not be classed as abandoned.

Most matches are called off prior to kick off and if you bet with Sky Bet they will give you the option to cancel the rest of your bet prior to other games kicking off. Its best to check this, as they do change it sometimes, via twitter on @skybet.