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We are all familiar with Paddy Power, the cheeky Irish bookmakers who like a controversial bet every now and again and who have adverts that are close to the mark without quite overstepping it. The Paddy Power Mobile Bingo site is part of their stable and whilst it shares some of the colours and images from the Paddy Power brand, it has it’s own less controversial persona. In fact its anything but risque. Instead there’s a real focus on community and chat and the social side of things.

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Offers (how much spending money have I got)

New customers to the Paddy Power Mobile Bingo site can claim a great offer. Spend just £5 and they will give you £20 back. New players have 48 hours after creating their chat name to claim their offer and then 30 days in which to use it.

The Paddy Power mobile bingo site has countless promotions. Daily, weekly and seasonal opportunities to win real and big cash prizes.  How does the chance of winning £400,000 sound? with the festival bingo promo. There’s also £15,000 up for grabs to be won every night in the Titanium room. Paddy Power has tons more on offer and you’d be wise to keep a check on the ever changing promotions page of the site.

There is also a Star Rewards points system. This is Paddy Power Mobile Bingo’s loyalty scheme. Paddy Power claim that is the most generous around and compares very favourably to its competitors. Points accrue across bingo, casino and side games and can be used in dedicated bingo rooms up to £500. There are also special nights when double points are awarded. The offers don’t stop there either. There is also the Supernova VIP level. This entitles players to a special concierge service and gift pack!

Rating out of 10 *********

In play (live action)

One of the first things to recommend the Paddy Power Mobile Bingo site is the Newbie Room. We have seen this elsewhere and we love the idea. Essentially if you are new to bingo, especially online and mobile bingo you can have a dabble, dip your toe in the water and play risk free. Granted there aren’t massive prizes on offer in these rooms but it’s a great way to get started. It also marks you out as a novice and you’ll be playing with other new players too. As part of the mobile bingo experience is the community and chat side of things, it’s a a good way to break the ice and meet like minded players.

The Paddy Power mobile bingo site is great for low stakes games. There are many games that are free and others that can be bought into for pennies. There are a wide variety of bingo games including the traditional 75, 80 and 90 ball variants.

Paddy Power Mobile Bingo has a real emphasis on the social side of the games and really encourage people to get involved in their chat rooms. Chat moderators are always on hand to ensure the chat is friendly and they regularly have quizzes and great giveaways. There are other attractions too, an active blog, horoscopes and celebrity gossip if you are into that sort of thing.

Rating out of 10 *********

Ease of use (long finger nail rating)

Players can enter the site by going through the ‘play now’ option on the front screen. This is handy especially if you are new to the site. SOme of the site is open for people to have a browse round and get their bearings before signing up. The lobby area is packed full of bingo games. The games can be arranged by time (what’s starting next) or by room. Other information here helps you decide whether to play or not. The price per ticket is displayed as is the prize and the amount of people signed up.

We found the site very easy to navigate around. Icons are clear and colourful and there is little opportunity to get lost. Even if you were to end up somewhere you didn’t want to be, the Paddy Power Mobile Bingo site has a handy home icon to click on. On screen management of you account is simple too and there are icons to help with this. Overall clarity and ease of use meant we scored this site highly.

Rating out of 10 **********

Visual Appeal (makeup or make over)

As you would expect, Paddy Power Mobile Bingo keeps to its roots and does use the traditional green colour to some extent. The liberal splash of pink leaves us in no doubt who the target audience is, however. Players will recognise familiar names and imagery from TV with titles such as Britain’s Got Talent, Deal or No Deal and Who Wants to be a Millionaire? all well used on the site. Some games are themed, named after gemstones, the more valuable the gemstone the more valuable the game. The games are coloured to match the gem stone in question.

The screen and the gameplay on the Paddy Power mobile bingo site is exciting to look at without ever feeling cluttered. This enhances game play and the overall appeal of the site. There are other features that merit a mention here too, you can choose whether you want the sound of the gameplay on or off and when playing on your smartphone, the gameplay is enhanced by a handy message coming up to tell you whether or not your game is designed to be played in landscape. Handy.

Rating out of 10 *********

Joining Up

Registering on the Paddy Power Mobile Bingo Site really could not be more straightforward.

The first page of the process is where customers enter their personal information, Name, DOB, email, mobile number.

The second page requires customers to create a username, select their currency and create a password. Customer are then requested to set up their chat name. Dead easy.

We really don’t know how this could be made any simpler.

Rating out of 10 **********

The Big Betting Site Verdict (out of 50) 47