Ladbrokes Exchange Explained

You’re probably already familiar with Ladbrokes. The company itself has been around for over a century and their shops appear just about everywhere you turn in most towns and cities throughout the UK. The famous ‘L’ and red colour scheme certainly stand out amongst the crowd, as do their offers and promotions. Just by signing up and registering a new account, new customers are given a £50 free bet. If you’re not already a customer, click on the link below to instantly sign up and get hold of this great offer.

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The online platform that Ladbrokes has created, really is second to none and is well worth a visit if you haven’t already done so. Ladbrokes, taking advantage of little competition, have created the Ladbrokes Exchange. You may be wondering what exchange betting is and how you can go about using it? We’ve got all the information you need to guide you through to take advantage of yet more Ladbrokes free bets.

What is the Ladbrokes Exchange

First and foremost it is easier to explain exchange betting. This is a fantastic way of betting and the Ladbrokes Exchange is a platform that allows people, with differing opinions, to bet on the same event, that’s about to take place and therefore bet against one another. This means the customer is given greater control of their bets, more flexibility and a far greater choice and it can all be achieved without the need for a bookmaker.

A customer can use a betting exchange in many different ways and the most straightforward explanation of using one is that you can back any selection to win an event as well as being able to choose to Lay, which is betting on a selection not to win an event. You can offer to bet at greater odds than are displayed at the time, which starts giving you greater control over the odds you are willing to accept, so you can decide if it is good value for each bet. A customer can trade into a profit before an event has even started and bet against other users whilst an event is taking place, making the experience so much more enjoyable. Finally Ladbrokes exchange will take a small commission from the profit of any winning bets.


What is an added bonus is that if you sign up and register to the Ladbrokes Exchange and you pay your first £5 in commission, Ladbrokes will give you a fantastic £20 free bet.

How to bet using the Ladbrokes Exchange

There are different ways in which you can place a bet using the Ladbrokes Exchange. First of all you can place a simple bet. This is very easy and all you have to do is back a selection to win, which has the best odds available then click on the odds displayed. These are in the blue Back box. The bet slip will then be displayed and then you enter your stake. Doing this will generate the return that there would be if it were to win.

To lay a selection (which is backing something NOT to win), simply click on the odds in the grey box. Again the bet slip will appear and you then enter the amount you want to win from somebody else. This is the backers stake. This figure, minus the commission Ladbrokes Exchange takes, is your profit. The Ladbrokes Exchange always lets you verify your selections and confirm your bet.

If you want to make an offer, because you want better odds than those available on the Exchange, you can do this in a few simple steps. When you click on the odds that are displayed and the bet slip appears, simply change the odds that you think are better for you. Your offer may or may not be matched immediately and can be amended at any time up until the market closes.

On the Ladbrokes betting exchange, the deal is done, when the price someone is willing to lay at, is the same as the price someone is willing to back at and as such you should be aware that once a bet is matched by someone it cannot be cancelled.

What is the Commission rate

As we have explained Ladbrokes make money out of the exchange by taking a commission based on your net winnings. The Ladbrokes Exchange has a commission structure in place that means the more you bet the lower your commission will be and you do not pay any commission on any losing bets. The standard rate of commission is 5% however this can be as little as 2% if you are a regular user. For every £25 won or lost across the markets, a customer will earn one  commission point. The following table is an example of how many points are required to reduce the commission rates:


The Ladbrokes Exchange always allows ‘in-play’ betting and is available for most of the popular sporting events. To make sure that it is equal across the board amongst all users, there may be a time delay with this facility. The Ladbrokes exchange is a substantial platform and offers a great deal of different ways to bet. Taking advantage of the very latest Push technology, the exchange allows customers to view market information and prices in real time. Customers can set the level of push notification suitable for their particular requirements.  There are a huge range of factors and other T&C’s which are available, but if you’re looking for a whole different and exciting betting experience then we think that you should look no further than the Ladbrokes exchange.