Bingo Lingo and Terminology

Bingo Lingo

75 Ball
A bingo variation played with 75 balls. Most common in the United States the games are played with cards that have a 5×5 grid.

90 Ball
The most common bingo variation in the UK. Games are played with cards having 3 rows of 9 squares. Each row has a maximum of 5 numbers.

Bingo Board
The area on the screen where the drawn numbers are displayed.

A bingo game where the aim is to cover all of the squares on your card

The ticket or card uses to play bingo. Each card has different numbers on it.

Chat Master | CM
The person in charge of the chat section of the online bingo site.

Chat Room
The area of the online bingo site where you can interact with other players by chatting. Often additional bonuses and promotions are awarded in chat.

Free Space
The square in the middle or a 75 ball bingo card. This square is automatically filled and should be marked off when you start the game.

Full House
A full house is achieved when you mark off all numbers on your 90 ball bingo card.

An extra prize offered for getting the required pattern within a set number of balls.

The required layout of correct numbers needed to win. In 90 ball bingo there are three possible patterns – line, 2 lines and full house.

Progressive Jackpot
A jackpot that grows as people play. In general progressive jackpots are awarded for getting a difficult pattern in a small amount of numbers.

Single Line
A completed row on a 90 ball bingo card.

Two Lines Across
Two completed rows on a 90 ball bingo card.

Chat Lingo

Online chat is one of the main reasons that people play bingo online, it is a great way to make friends and meet new people. If you haven’t used online chat before, below you’ll see some of the most commonly used abbreviations used in chatrooms. Some of these are standard chatroom phrases, some are more bingo specific.

AFC – Away from computer
AWK – Away from keyboard
AYT – Are you there?
ATM – At the moment
BB – Bye Bye
BBL – Be back later
BBS – Be back soon
BLNG – Better luck next game
BRB – Be right back
BTW – By the way
CM – Chat master | Chat monitor
COI – Come on in
DK – Don’t know
DTS – Don’t think so
EMML – E-mail me later
GG – Got to go
GGA – Good game all
GL – Good luck
GLE – Good luck everyone
IMO – In my opinion
JJ – Just joking
LOL – Laughing out loud
NP – No problem
PLS – Please
ROFL – Rolling on the floor laughing
SYS – See you soon
TTYL – Talk to you later
TY – Thank you
WTG – Way to go
YW – You’re welcome