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Betfair Mobile Bingo betfair-app

Betfair, famous for being the world’s largest online Betting Exchange are serious players in the betting and gaming industry. Their bingo offering has an online site so that players can play on the move.

Will the company known for its generous odds be equally generous when it comes to matching those bingo balls?

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Offers (how much spending money have I got)

Betfair Mobile Bingo site has a straightforward welcome bonus offer. New customers, signing up to a new account who deposit £10 can claim up to £30. A nice introductory bonus. There is however big big money to be won on the Betfair mobile site. The £20,000 power hour might grab your attention, it certainly did with us, or how about £20,000 First Friday. Both offers can be checked out through the Betfair Boost.

There are other offers too. The Betfair mobile site is chocker with bonuses and real money prizes. Take advantage of the Festival Bingo, Bingolinx and BOGOF Bingo, to be in with a real chance of winning big. Keep an eye out on the site as offers and promotions change constantly and you wouldn’t want to miss out.

Rating out of 10 *********

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In play (live action)
The first screen that players are presented with has 3 menus: Bingo, Games and Options. Within Bingo there is a lobby with a schedule where the timings for up coming games is displayed. Players can toggle between the schedule and the rooms each individual game is being played in. Other features here include the number of players signed up to a particular game and a handy countdown to the start of the game. There is a also the amount it costs to buy a ticket for the game and the prize money awarded for winning. The Betfair mobile bingo site has a range of games in price from free upwards, there are games to suit all pockets and a variety of prize pots.

The menu across the top of the screen shows a whole host of side games that players can choose from, there really is a huge variety and choice here. Some of the games have tie ins with popular TV shows such as Britain’s Got Talent and Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

The betfair mobile bingo site has a huge selection of slots and bingo options vary from 90 ball to 80 and 75 ball variants.

We also like the Newbie room, a great place to hone your skills, make yourself feel comfortable and meet other bingo novices!

Rating out of 10 *********

Ease of use (long finger nail rating)

The software used on the Betfair Mobile Bingo site means that the user experience is excellent. It is a reliable and trusted software that is tried and tested. The icons are clear, colourful and easy to click on. The chances of frustrating mistakes are minimal and ending up in the wrong place is a virtual impossibility even when being used on mobile phone.

Rating out of 10 *********

Visual Appeal (makeup or make over)

There are options here that control not just the appearance of the game, such as the simplified ticket view but also sound effects. This is useful, there is nothing worse than sound effects driving you up the wall. The large icons are attractive and well designed. The screen is well designed and allows for easy buying of tickets and making selections. All the games have colourful and unique artwork and icons and those tied to TV shows have familiar branding and logos.

The colour scheme of the Betfair Mobile Bingo site is the most gender neutral that we have come across. There’s barely a pink or purple in sight and instead Betfair have gone for a dark blue and grey with orange accents. It’s almost the opposite of the Betfair Betting sites. It looks clean, modern and fresh and is pleasing on the eye. The colour scheme really lets the game logos and icons stand out. We find that the ubiquitous pink and purple that most companies have adopted on their bingo sites can be a headache waiting to happen, too much looking at fluorescent pink is the stuff of migraines. We understand the need to make these site have a certain feminine appeal but they can go over the top. This use of pink isn’t necessarily alienating to male users but it might be a little off putting. Betfair mobile bingo site has gone for a different approach and we find it very refreshing.

Rating out of 10 **********

Joining Up

Joining the Betfair Mobile Bingo Site really could not be more straightforward.

The first page of the process is where customers enter their personal information, Name, DOB, email, mobile number.

The second page requires customers to create a username, select their currency and create a password. Customer are then requested to set up their chat name.

We really don’t know how this could be made any easier.

Rating out of 10 **********

The Big Betting Site Verdict (out of 50) 47