How accumulators work

Probably the most popular way to bet on football is my placing an accumulator. This is a bet covering a number of outcomes that rolls the odds up to make the win bigger. Over the years there’s been some big wins including people winning £1,000,000+ off a quid or two, although this is rare (1 or 2 a season usually). There was also the stable lad from Nicky Henderson’s yard who backed 6 horses from their stable to win and won a million from a £50 bet. Here I explain how accumulators work and cover some questions like maximum payouts and void games.

How does an accumulator work?

In simple terms an accumulator is the odds on all the matches you’ve selected rolled up together. In order to win the bet you need all the results to win, unless you cash out the bet (see below). If one of the bets loses then your bet loses, but there are some offer to get your stake back if needed. All bookies will show you the return in your betslip for your chosen selections. This will also show if you go into “my account” on your chooses bookie.

Frequently asked questions –

What’s the best bookie for accumulators? In my opinion it has to be William Hill, I really like the daily match lists as it makes it easy to pick an acca on that day. It’s also a doddle to place big accumulators on your mobile too. Plus you get the acca insurance – back a 6 fold or higher and get your stake back as a free bet if you lose by one result.

What’s the maximum pay out on an accumulator? This does vary from bookmaker to book maker with the standard being £1,000,000. If you want to back a big one it’s always worth checking. I know Sky Bet are one of the lowest at £250,000 so make sure you reduce your stake so you’re not wasting money. In the example above from the stable lad who won £1,000,000 this was the maximum payout – without this he would have won £3,000,000.

What is the maximum number of teams I can back? This seems to be an industry standard of 15 results. I’ve not found any bookies who offer more or less – if you know any send us a tweet to @bigbettingsite

What happens if one leg is void or cancelled? This is always a funny one as it depends if your accumulator wins or loses as to what you want to happen. This varies from bookie to bookie, most will payout on the rest of the bet, some will void and return your stake. You’re always best to check with them in this case. Usually the bet will stand if the cancelled game is to be replayed in the next 24/48 hours.

If you’ve got any other questions then send us a tweet to @bigbettingsite and we’ll find the answer for you.